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We are a privately owned company located in Vancouver, WA. just north of Portland, OR. Our parent company, WebGrip, Inc. has been doing business on the Net since 1995. We are dedicated to your success and will help you get started in any way we can.

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The facility, code named "Imperial", features around 30,000 square feet of total space, redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESPA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, card key access, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and fiber from 5 seperate providers. We are indiscussions with three additional providers for the ultimate in redundancy.

Our NOC is manned 24/7, not just monitored 24/7. We have a live human being (if techs are human) manning this center at all times

Custom Web Servers

Host-Smart's web servers are custom-built industrial machines designed for a 24/7 web serving environment. All Host-Smart servers are equipped with dual redundant 450-watt power supplies, hot swap Seagate Baracuda/Cheetah drives and force-filtered cooling systems. In addition, our NOC is equipped with an inventory of identically configured, burned-in standby servers.

Force Filtered Cooling

All of Host-Smart's custom web servers are equipped with a positive pressure filtered-air system. Four large fans pull filtered air into each server's protective case and the components within are cooled by fans which circulate this purified air. This constant introduction of clean air into the case creates a positive pressure environment ensuring dust and particles remain outside of the server.

Network Redundancy

Host-Smart uses intelligent end-user routing software called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), between Qwest, GC and GTE, who use the same protocol. BGP identifies which path is the most efficient for each data packet and then routes the packet to its destination on the fastest path. This increases the speed at which web pages sent from our NOC arrive at their destination.

Studies have shown that the most common reason for down time is circuit failure on Tier 1 provider backbones, the major data highways. To guard against this potential problem, we have three Tier-1 providers. If one experiences problems, we can route traffic down the other one. Furthermore, because we are OnNet with GlobalCenter, Qwest and GTE, we share their digital distribution architecture, which includes private peering network connections to major Internet carriers such as MCI, Sprint, UUNET, EUNET, AT&T, AOL, Best, Erols, @Home, IBM Advantis and others. These private peering arrangements allow Host-Smart to exchange packets of data with every major backbone carrier in a one-to-one environment quickly and efficiently.

In addition, GC has high-speed links to eight public exchanges including both MAE East and West and several NAPS. Through these public exchanges, customers have the ability to reach their site, no matter from where they are coming on the Internet.

Network Reliability

Industry analysis reveals that 70% of down time over ten hours with any ISP is caused by telephone circuit failure. Since our NOC is in the same building as Global Center, Qwest and GTE, circuit failure is virtually eliminated because there is no phone circuit between us and our providers. Instead, there is a direct connection between our Cisco 7500 routers and theirs.

Host-Smart's providers also have peering connections with other major Tier 1 providers, which allows traffic to be switched to alternate backbones should the need arise.

Raw Performance Equals
Low Latency/High Throughput

Too often providers operate their networks at three to four times responsible capacity. As a result, their corresponding transfer times reach over 300ms. Host-Smart's network daily average is 27% of its capacity, with midday peak spikes reaching only 33% capacity. Host-Smart guarantees clients will be carried off our network in less than 80ms over a five minute average at any time of day or night.

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