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Domain Name Transfers

To Transfer a domain, you must go to your current webhost provider and follow their instructions on how to transfer. Most companies require a password for transferring a domain, so we are unable to assist you with this. You WILL need our DNS information, which is listed below. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.

How to transfer a domain name

1. Find out where the domain name was purchased. Go to that site and see what is required for a dns name server change. If you don't have the password for your account, you will need to contact the host's webmaster.

2. You can do a Whois search on the domain name and see who owns it and where they bought it.

3. Links to sites that are common and search tools for domain name information.
http://www.internic.net , http://www.networksolutions.com

4. The form you will need to make changes for the primary and secondary name servers are located here.

5. Smart-Webhosting's DNS information is listed here.
Technical Handle: HM5050-ORG (for domains registered with Networksolutions)
Technical Handle: MB1518-BR (for domains registered with BulkRegister

6. We can help if you needed it just email



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